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Xi Jinping: China To Help Solve Medical Supply Shortage In Belgium

April 02 Banepa.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday that China is willing to try its best to help Belgium overcome difficulties posed by shortages of medical supplies, as the European country is fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Xi made the remarks during a telephone conversation with Belgian King Philippe, expressing firm support for Belgium.
The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Belgium has surpassed 15,000, with over 1,000 deaths.
China is willing to share experience with Belgium on the prevention and control of the outbreak and make joint efforts to advance the research and development of vaccines and medicines, Xi told Philippe.
Xi expressed the hope that Belgium will protect the safety of Chinese citizens and particularly Chinese students in the kingdom.
“Epidemics recognize no national borders or races and are a common enemy of humankind,” he said, calling on the international community to work together to win the battle.
China is committed to the notion of a community with a shared future for mankind and will intensify efforts to promote international cooperation in fighting the pandemic, he stressed.
China will prioritize resuming and increasing production capacities of medical supplies and take strict measures to ensure their quality, so as to provide as many supplies as possible for the global fight against COVID-19, the Chinese president said.
The Belgian king said China’s experience in COVID-19 control is important and beneficial to other countries, hailing China’s contributions in supporting other countries during the fight.
Belgium appreciates China’s help in providing urgently needed medical protective equipment, Philippe told Xi, calling China a “real friend” of Belgium.
Philippe said his country is willing to engage in cooperation with China in medicine research and development.



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