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Coronavirus: China Cases Fall Below 100 As World Total Climbs Over 100,000

March 07 Banepa.

The new coronavirus has now infected more than 100,000 people around the world, but in mainland China the number of new cases fell on Saturday to just 99 – the first time since January 18 that fewer than 100 cases were recorded.

China’s National Health Commission said 74 of the new infections were reported in Hubei’s provincial capital Wuhan, with the remainder occurring in other provinces. This is the second day there were no further cases elsewhere in Hubei province where the outbreak began.


Of the 25 cases outside Wuhan, all but one of them had been imported from overseas, the commission said, bringing to 60 the number of imported cases. It was also the first time since January 26 that more than 20 new infections were reported outside Hubei province.

There were 28 new deaths – all in Hubei, with 21 in Wuhan – bringing the total number of fatalities on the mainland to 3,070, as of Friday. There have now been 80,651 infections in mainland China.

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