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At the Beginning Of The Condom Business, It Was Difficult To Open With People

August 31 , Banepa.

        Ranjeet Bohara

   Kantipur Condom House & Sex Toy Shop


Ranjit Bohara, who has been in the condom business for the past 6 years, says that it has been very difficult in the past.
Although it was a big challenge to trade sex toys in a place like Banepa.

Today it is a pleasure to be able to serve the country and the people.
He says he should not be disappointed if his business is different from others.

1) What is busy today ?

~ Banepa has been in business for the past 5 years. That is why the busyness of the neck has to happen. But, before that, I was looking after a shop in Kathmandu. Looking at the current situation, my business orders all online and I have gone for delivery myself.

If there is a remote location, I will send it via courier. Therefore, the worst happens. In addition, I am also working in Prime Fm. I spend free time meeting friends & family.

2) What Do You Mean By Sex Toy ?

~ Sex toys are more commonly referred to as sex toys than in Nepali. It is more of a prostitute than a simple language. It can be used by both men and women.

3) What Kind of Sex Toy Come To The Shop To Find Men ?

~ In the case of women and men, the use of women is more prevalent. The reason men use less is because men want to have sex when they want to have sex. However, this is not the case with women. Women wives are going abroad and being alone is also selling women a lot.

4) Is Sex Toy Business A Good Income ?

~ In terms of profitability, I am not dissatisfied. However, ordering is not going to be a good thing. By selling condoms in a business sense, does life even work ?

I have been able to answer that question. If the customer wishes to work, then the business does not have a deficit.

5) Which Age Group People Are More Likely To Order Condom & Sex Toy ?

~ Sex is more prevalent in adolescents because they rarely use it. Since her husband and wife are abroad, she uses it. People who have gone to foreign employment have also taken extra.

6) How To Tell A Sex Toy Merchant ?

~ For the past Ten years, I was working in a surgical house. Understanding what a condom is like in the rock shelter there. It is also a business. There was also knowledge that it could be business-oriented too. The condom itself can be traded in the condom itself. I entered this area with a desire to open a condom shop rather than do some business while entering the business at a young age. Until then, there were probably only2, 3 such shops in Nepal. Second, number three seems to belong to us. A business was started in Kathmandu in collaboration with his brother. This business was done in Banepa while expanding it. Recently, in New Baneshwar, I am starting with something new with the new idea Of Sex Toy Merchant.

7) What Do You Want To Say At last ?

~ Even in today’s age, people talk about sex as an unheard of word. When it comes to sex in my life, I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of. When talking about things today, it is easy to openly talk about your problems tomorrow as a temporary means of family planning and condoms play an important role in keeping birth.

Condoms are also an essential tool for users to consider. I recommend using it without any hassle. A person in need of sex uses a sex toy rather than open it. It is better to use a sex toy to calm your mind than to kill yourself.

  • It is wiser to enjoy using artificial sex than to suppress your sexual desires.





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