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It Is Not Good To Be On The Streets Demanding Justice

August 27 , Banepa .

Today , it has become commonplace today to demand justice in the streets, demanding justice or seeking justice. Calling your location closed is just as normal. It is time to think about how much it affects the daily living of the people and the people around it when making slogans on the streets demanding their rights and rights. Demanding their right to slogan has a direct impact on the daily life of the general public.

It is a good idea to take an ambitious developmental plan to prosper the country and move forward on a plan that discusses the same issue, but with the slogan of the rights of two people, the long-standing national pride scheme and the slogan of the rights and rights of the whole mass of people will be violated. A simple way of living and working for the development of projects of national pride We can not say est best serves.


When you want to change something, it is easier to persuade the general to change something. The rights of all persons residing in Nepal are the same. There is also a court of justice for the rich, the poor, the black, the white race, religion without discrimination.
“Today, when I demand my rights, it is necessary to think that it is not proper for the street movement and expansion to demand justice, thinking that I will also lose the right to be free in the community that I live with.”

Due to the injustice, today the street movement demanded justice.
Tomorrow there will be a movement by raising voice on the issue directly affected by that movement.

A farmer will conduct street protests and protests, saying that he does not have a good market for the vegetables and grains he produces.

Again, others will demonstrate that they do not have to buy the goods according to their needs.

Students protesting for the right to read while school college is closed ?

Is the movement and street demonstration the solution to all problems ?

Thousands are deprived of their rights when speaking on the issue of one’s rights, so the solution to all problems is to not come and sit and advise.

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