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Krishna Celebrations Were Celebrated With Enthusiasm Throughout The Country

August 23 , Banepa . Lord Krishna is considered to be the founder of Dnyan Yoga, Karma Yoga and Devotional. Therefore, in Hinduism, Krishna has a special significance and glory.

On the basis of the belief that he was born in the middle of the Bhadra Krishna Ashtami towards the end of the Dwight Yuga, Hindu Dharmalambi celebrates Krishna celebrations one day every year.

The famous Krishna temple in Patan has been crowded with devotees since morning. They are celebrating the festival by singing Krishna hymns with puja-aja.


According to Hindu tradition, Krishna lovers have been worshiping him devotionally since Friday morning.

Likewise, there is a need for Krishnapravams at Navantha Dham, Goddess Sanctuary of Goddess Kantar in Kathmandu, Shree Krishna Bhavnamrita Sangh at North Veg Budhanilkantha and other Krishna temples across the country.

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